Welcome to BardicChick.com

Hello and welcome to BardicChick.com. I am Laura, AKA the Bard. I have been writing for many years and storytelling since I greeted my first imaginary friend. I am currently an aspiring author. And though I may not have been officially published yet, I have something of a following both online and in the real world. I am known for writing fan-fictions for friends based on their favorite characters. My best known piece is “Unbreakable Vows” on fanfiction.net under my pseudonym BlackDragonHS.

By day a cheerful receptionist, by night I write, and when I get frustrated, create. A crafter in many senses of the word, I…. write, sing, knit, crochet, cross stitch, embroider, design, build, sketch, paint, play with graphics, rearrange my house, read (lots), sew, and blog. My blogs tend to be a little on the irregular side, but hopefully they help people understand a little of my colorful mind and you enjoy them.

As you can see, my site is continually evolving. There are a few fun things up already, and more will always be coming. One day I hope to have a platform where you can create your very own avatar and step into my world. What’s an avatar? Well I would suggest you check out the homepage of Kesterson Avatars and find out!